Child war

In this evening, the childs were go to the hall. They are speed and walk up fast in the stairs with laughing, with fun.

Childs in the ghetto, they come back from the school, or to the bakeries, with some candy bar, or some gummies. All childs know who is the best real old one. They know your past, and they have just been born.

Me, I have some problem with child. Because I don’t have child. And for them, it’s not good. Because they don’t have more friends in the hall. So, it’s sad for them. When you are child, it’s difficult for be solo in the ghetto. Because, this is like tribute in savannah.

Only Lion king is solo, and have a respect from other animals. Child want to live without depressed, they want cool life.

They want to smile. But they know when parents are army.

Childs in the ghetto, can help adult, can help you, can help handicapped, can help very old people.

But childs have too many deprivation. And too many young as they are, they already need to have adult reaction, because they need to be prepared like an adult, for lose all disbelief, and not to be naive.

Because in the ghetto, there are some traps and magic. That some people unknowingly leave behind them. And especially that is the big is bets on the small. This is like jungle with money.