oh.mg retro - a concept

a sus.fr WriteFreely Instance

Photo de Lorenzo Herrera sur Unsplash

I’ve had WriteFreely sat on one of my servers ticking away doing not a lot for a while, I’ve never really been sure of what to do with it to be honest.

Today in my efforts to be less everywhere I came up with an idea, at the moment I setup oh.mg to be the mega archive blog and I’ve put some space in there for my retro stuff, which does the job, but I don’t have anything that really highlights it.

What I’m thinking here is that I’ll use this blog to be more of a showcase to this particular topic. It’s lightweight, doesn’t use a tonne of bandwidth, is on a shelf in my home (data ownership), and isn’t a massive problem to copy paste from the original posts oh.mg .

It is also fediverse aware, but there is no real back in as it is only broadcast. You can follow this blog @kevin@retro.sus.fr.