Always rethink what you're thinking.

Photo de Jonathan Harrison sur Unsplash

You all know how much I love my oh.mg, it is a great little domain, it has such a vibe to it and I’m not exactly going to give it up for the lolz.

But one of the things playing on my mind is the whole queer.af deal (which to be fair the admins always assumed would happen) and the absolute no filter crazy anti-neo liberal shit I post (fuck them and especially fuck Thatcher). I also have a tendancy to mock King Macron, considering France is in a weird fasho-capitalist moment, you’d think that switching from a .mg domain to a .fr domain would be a pretty stupid thing to do.

You are absolutely not wrong there, poking fun at a government that is very much trying to push actual fucking nazis out of the position of “shitties people in the country since 1930” and that will happily send police to detain journalists and maim protesters, is a bad idea. But so is the 2024 Olympics and quite frankly I too can be full of bad ideas.

So why did I switch my main website from oh.mg to ohmg.sus.fr, well to be honest, nothing critical of the .mg registry. I imagine there is very little if anything I have here that will cross a line in Madagascar, never had a problem and I don’t expect to have any. There is also nothing to indicate the registry would be likely to do anything particularly out of order either.

At the same time, I have to consider would they really be in a position to take a challenge from a dumb ass police order or say, TotalÉnergies because I called Patrick Pouyanné a whiney little bitch because he cried he only made 5 million a year on Twitter ? Honestly, no probably not.

I don’t think I’m likely to get to that point, I’m just a small fish in a big sea, but you never know when you’ll accidentally piss off the wrong part of the internet, so I’m being a little more pragmatic about my approach.

This is where I bring back an old friend, my little sus.fr, tiny little sussy sus.fr. I considered a long time ago to move everything off to a .fr domain, I did it, then I didn’t like it, and now I was like, um, yeah, I like it.

This gives me an ability to keep using oh.mg, but also present less risk to oh.mg, the content is now hosted on ohmg.sus.fr. Got a problem with that, take it up with Afnic who are a bit more in the position to fend off nonsense and it also means that it would need to pass a French court if somebody wanted to play dirty. Sure France is utterly fucked up right now, but at least the constitutional council keep telling Darmanin to get fucked on as many occasions as there are days in the week.

Plus it gave me an excuse to list all my projects on the sus.fr homepage that is basically a hommage to the first versions of the nic.cx page, they knew exactly how to party in 1999.

As for you dear reader, nothing really changes, all the shortlinks are still oh.mg and the rest of them will just start redirecting to the sus.fr subdomain.