uhuC is dead. Long live uhuC.

In the past, before the Minecraft topic got out of hand in the forum, uhuC was an IT community that solved problems together, started subprojects, such as a nightly build AUR repository for Arch Linux, or just blathered on the #MUC. The nice thing about the community was that it was more of a family atmosphere. There were no really stupid #questions and certainly no stupid answers. Even little things like "where can I find the IP of my #computer" were answered with a qualified message. Well, we were a manageable group that couldn't match the quantity of contributions of other well-known IT communities, but I would say that we were way ahead of everybody in terms of quality. From #experience I can even say that friendships were formed through this forum that went far beyond what you would call #friendship today.

And that's exactly what I want to have again on the Internet. If you post a serious question somewhere today, there is always at least one smart aleck who makes an #unqualified remark. That's why I decided to revive a project that I closed down almost a year ago because of exactly such smart alecks. At the moment we are still in the planning and coordination phase and this time I am also approaching the project a little more "professional". The source code of the project will be available on my GitLab Server and will be made available to everyone after going live. The project will be split into different branches, but you can't transfer it to the master itself. Instead, you have to migrate a #development branch with a "Merge Request". There will also be a #stage environment to test the changes on the #live server without disturbing the live operation. The master and the stage (development) branch will be automatically processed by the #GitLab CI, minimizing manual changes in the document root directories.

What is certain from the beginning of the project will be a strict moderation, which will be #influenced by my #experiences on Mastodon over the last years. So be prepared for the fact that I don't want community #members to be mistreated with slanderous false statements! No matter if they are directly aggressive or passively aggressive. Even if that seems cocky now, I would say that, unlike other administrators, I can see when someone is passively aggressive. I will not tolerate bullying and will, if necessary, take legal action, which brings me to my next point: #logging

The logging will include the full IP address to #identify the aggressor if #necessary. This information would be passed on to the police to support the investigation against bullying, baiter and other creatures and will be kept for 2 days.

The old MUC has already been #revived and #connected to the Rocket.Chat by a bridge, which is unfortunately unstable at the moment. In #RocketChat you can already find the channel #uhuc. The Rocket.Chat channel is also where GitLab's updates are automatically written, keeping you up to date with the latest news. As soon as the project goes live, I'll write it here as well.

PS: It is not yet clear which main language the project will use, I tend to use English. Maybe there will be a poll about this later.