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Российская марка «Ревилайн» анонсировала новые зубные щетки S 6000 Slim

By ra-prApril 21, 2024RA-PR

Новые дорожные ирригаторы Revyline RL 410 Blue появились в продаже с быстрой доставкой по Красноярскому краю

By ra-prApril 21, 2024RA-PR

Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, April 21

Slovak citizens raise $2.8 million for Czech ammunition initiative after government refuses to contribute -- Ukraine's obsolete S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems reportedly back on track to hit Russian targets -- US considers deploying extra military advisers to Ukraine -- Ukrainian drones strike Russian energy facilities overnight -- and more

AmazonBot – Que fait Bezos ?

Encore un autre bot d'entreprise merdique qui aspire des données et probablement pour un autre LLM

AmazonBot - What is Bezos up to ?

Yet another shitty corporate bot sucking up data and probably for another LLM

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, April 20

Russia’s war destroys over 100,000 residential buildings in Donetsk Oblast -- Ukraine’s Bohdana howitzer is rolling off production lines – here’s what it can do -- [video] Russian military uniforms reveal inequality between forces -- Half of British military defense fund for Ukraine remains unused -- and more

Working with Plume's API is sometimes, yeah

I think I broke it

Новые дорожные ирригаторы Revyline RL 240 Black появились в представительстве бренда в Воронеже с доставкой

By ra-prApril 20, 2024RA-PR

6 Tips for Operating Mobile Boat Hoist

All Hands Stand-up at oh.mg sus sarl gmbh as ltd plc inc

a fun-sized sized update from oh.mg

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, April 19

Microsoft says Russian disinformation campaign targeting US election has begun -- Ukraine destroys missile launchers, radar stations at Russian military airfield in Crimea -- Ukraine to produce 10 Bohdana howitzers this month -- Russian diesel exports continue to drop amid Ukrainian drone strikes on oil refineries -- and more

How Charcoal Manufacturing Plant Drives Green Development

How Charcoal Manufacturing Plant Drives Green Development